My grandmother, Angela Cordova wrote to my grandfather, Jesus Marmolejo; when they were yet unmarried. This postcard is addressed to Jesus Marmolejo, Staples, Texas. It is written in 1915 and wishes him and 'those of his household' a Happy New Year [1916]. It is of great importance to me because my grandfather told us he was 'raised' by a German family. He'd fled his uncle [from another location in Texas at about age 14; due to cruel treatment from him.] Jesus Marmolejo [my grandfather's name]-was orginally born in Villa De Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He was sent here by train by his mother during the violence of the revolution. He told me he'd learned many good things from this German family he'd been raised with and that he worked for. I hope to find the name of that family somehow. To us, our grandfather was a great patriarch. He bought a corner home here in S.A.; along with his wife, Angela and was a community leader in many ways. Please let me know if you have any information concerning this.

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postcard-back postcard-front family portrait of the Marmolejo's: Jesus, Angela and their 7 children
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